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Best Hospitals:

U.S. News and World Report partners with Doximity, the largest physician network in the country, to conduct the annual Best Hospitals physician survey. The Doximity Masterfile is used to survey both Doximity members and non-members.

It is important to recognize that the Doximity Masterfile includes both Doximity members – that is, physicians who have registered to use the network’s free online resources, such as eFax and CME/CE – and nonmember physicians, including those who’ve never heard of Doximity. Doximity members who are eligible to participate in the survey are contacted via email and can complete the survey from their Doximity profile. Non-members who are selected to participate in the survey will receive instructions through the mail.

Doctor Finder

The U.S. News Doctor Finder directory is populated by the Doximity Masterfile. To update information shown there, physicians can claim their Doximity profile at no cost. The U.S. News-Doximity alliance enables physicians who are Doximity members to update their profile on both sites at once.

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Residency Navigator is a free tool created to help medical students find the right program for their unique professional interests. Residency Navigator combines peer nominations with empirical data on residency program performance. View methodology.

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